Australia is a beautiful land of beautiful (and dangerous !) beings. From the charming kangaroos to the cute koalas to the rambunctious emus it is filled with plenty of different touristic attractions that will have you have the time of your life! If you are about to travel to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and one of Australia’s most popular touristic cities you need to know about this fun lovely spots that you can’t miss:


  1. Sea World: Probably the most loved touristic attraction by kids and adults alike, Sea World Brisbane allows you to see a myriad of animals you can’t find in other places such as polar bears, sharks, jellyfish and others and not only that but it comes with rides, exhibitions, and expositions to fit the likes of just about anyone! If you are going to Brisbane you absolutely can’t miss it!
  2. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: When you think about Australia, you think about koalas and what’s more Aussie than cuddling one ? And the koala won’t be the sole animal you’ll be ticking off your list as this sanctuary also accommodate dingoes, snakes, wallabies, wombats… All in all a very Australian like day full of exhibitions and fun!
  3. The Brisbane Botanic Gardens: Perhaps you are a bigger fan of the flora than of the fauna and in that case, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens are the place to be ! Featuring both native and exotic plant life you will be surrounded by a lush, green paradise that will be difficult to forget !


Of course, there’s many more touristic attractions in Brisbane but this three are our favorites and also they have long term stays in Brisbane. No matter if you like fauna or flora (or if you are a fan of the culture, or surf…) we can guarantee no matter what you are going to have a grand time!