What Is A Building Inspector & What Do They Look Into?

While lots of people can consider doing it themselves, it’s suggested to search for the aid of a professional building contractor as they have the knowledge and expertise to detect any issue which could be on your plumbing system as well as checking the structural wear and tear. There has been a good deal of building issues that many people of Brisbane have been facing over the past couple of years and we’re going to briefly look at the typical ones.


Incomplete construction this doesn’t necessarily have to be a substantial part such as not putting a roof, even the minor issues like failing to connect one system to another is considered as incomplete construction. Plumbing issues These are issues concerning fittings along with the plumbing pipes.


Fire separation walls


Thousands of residents have breached the building codes because they have an incomplete firewall that is built to split two components.


This is considered a very significant risk for safety because, in case of a fire breaking, it’s likely to spread to the flats, townhouses in addition to involving these units and this reduces the secure time period that individuals can escape.


Roof Difficulties.


Many residents have to face roofing issues due to the Brisbane climate which deteriorates them as time goes by. This might cause a roof leaking which if left unrepaired causes significant damages to both the exterior and interior walls.




Fitting and fittings once a review is completed, you realize that some things are missing or in very bad form.  Make sure you get the best building and pest inspection brisbane to look at your property.